5 Mental Health Benefits of Listening to Music

They say that music can soothe the soul. But is it really beneficial to your mental health? The short answer to this question is “yes”. The following list is of the five mental health benefits of listening to music:

  1. It can Give you Shivers


How many experiences in life can do that for a person? According to a study by Nusbaum and Silvia (2010), 90% of people who listen to music feel this, as quoted in NAMM Foundation.   Most people seek profound experiences, and music will most likely do that for you.


  1. It Alleviates Stress and Worry


Yes, according to ONSIA, music can melt away anxiety. They quote a study (2015) study from The Arts in Psychotherapy. Is that why music is played in every office that we go into? It should also be considered to as part of diet to lower blood pressure.


  1. Gives you a Lifted Mood


So if you need to change your tune, just turn on a tune. Reach Out.com says that this can go so far as it can motivate you to do tasks. That is powerful stuff. Maybe we need more radios playing in the morning to help to make us want to get out of bed.


  1. Can Set a Mood


There is a type of music for everyone. Some people base their entire identities on what type of music they listen to. This is usually a teenage fad but others do not grow out of it. So if you identify with music, it can help to set you in a certain frame of mind. People who like rock and roll are often go-getters. They can also be deep and into really exploring their feelings. These can be positive qualities, especially in males, as society does not encourage them to be as expressive.


If you want to relax, you can always find a type of serene music. Some people don’t grow out of serene music and go into teaching yoga. They do it because they love peaceful moments. They love to help others find them. Music is a big part of any stretching class because it helps people to calm down.


Another example of the mood setting power of music is those that study musical theater. These type of characters usually go on to be entertainers. Their entire personas are centered around making sure that they make others happy. These are the type of people that are now making YouTube careers. Making money and having a sense of purpose can, in turn, be helpful for people who are just musical theater lovers at heart.


  1. It Elicits Empathy


When you listen to music, you often feel that you can relate to the person’s story. Music can be helpful in treating some illnesses of the mind, such as bipolar and schizophrenia. When people are being medicated, sometimes just pumping up music can make people feel part of society again. They can also remember how they used to feel when they were listening to familiar songs, which can progress them towards wellness again.